For the smooth running condition of the vehicle, We get our vehicle Serviced. The essential purpose behind the service or vehicle repair is the accidental damage of any spare component or any component. The vehicle component reaches its maximum limit. Replacing the right spares To take care of the Three wheeler, it's mandatory to replace or repair the spare parts. To maintain the running condition of your 3 wheeler, Good quality and long lasting durability spare parts are required. When a time comes to replace the spare parts of your vehicle, then only genuine brands can be trusted. They will understand the needs and specifications of the particular model of the three wheel vehicles, thus ensuring that the spare parts work perfectly. The original parts that come to fit properly Every spare parts has its own unique model, position, place and are designed specifically so that they would properly fit in three wheeler. Amra international are the best three wheeler parts in Ludhiana, Punjab and 3 wheeler parts manufacturer in India. Here You get the genuine spare parts like tuk-tuk parts, wheel rim, flange, and slider block that are well tested and manufactured with care which guarantees their performance. is the topnotch manufacturer & supplier of three wheeler spare parts where you can get the well tested and high quality spare parts at the best possible rates. Only a few selected spare parts manufacturer in India are providing high-quality vehicle spare parts. Amra international is one of them due to the quality they offer. they are respected not only in Ludhiana, Punjab but offer their services in Various states of India. They ensure the safety and performance standards of your vehicle. Benefits of buying the superior quality spare parts from Amra International: Quality – The spare part replacement is fundamentally the same as the one you are replacing and giving you some quality, peace of mind and assurance. Durability and Longevity – When you utilize well-made spare parts, it’ll assist your vehicle stand the test of time. The wear and tear of the original spare parts is similar to the wear and tear of the vehicles original parts. Easy Selection – Choosing a replacement spare part can be a time consuming and confusing. But choosing the high-quality spare parts from Amra international will save a lot of time since you do not need to compare the prices, compatibility etc. of the spare parts. Increased Trade-In Value – Using high-quality spare parts is helpful in increasing the manufacturing efficiency and value of your vehicle in the future. Choosing the authorized manufacturer when planning to buy vehicle spare parts, is a wise choice since they are a lot more durable. The quality and authenticity of each product manufactured at Amra international will keep your three wheeler vehicles in the finest possible condition. Using inferior items can cause loss and damage to performance, and they even compromise your safety and that of your loved ones in the passenger seat. As the items manufactured at Amra are specifically designed for the concerned model they fit well and more easily and work ideally the first time. Why high-quality spare parts are important for the performance of your vehicle? If your motor vehicle requires spare replacements after a collision or during maintenance and servicing, it is important that only high-quality parts are fitted in. the spare parts offered at Amra are approved and warranted by vehicle makers, this statement alone proves the high standards and how well-made our vehicle spare parts are. Getting spare parts from any local and unauthorized may cost a bit less than high-quality parts but they will not work well in the long run. These spare parts sold by many local manufacturers may look like the real thing but they are not, the spare sold by the majority of manufacturers in India are not tested well. Non-genuine parts can’t necessarily promise the same quality and safety attributes that come with the well-manufactured product.