Wheel Rim Amra international are considered as the best wheel rim manufacturers in the Punjab, Ludhiana and all over Indian market and here is the reason why: The steel we use for making wheel rim is of high-quality sheet metal that gives it high tensile strength. It is extra heavy which can take heavy shocks and avoid bending. It increases the life of the tires with the help of balancing done in every piece manufactured. For anti-rest properties, a thick layer of special powder coating are also done it gives it a finished look. Slider block set Amra is also famous for manufacturing quality slider block set, here are some of the properties of the slider block they manufacture and sell on their website: Manufactured in Alloy steel to provide it with additional ruggedness Every component manufactured at Amra is checked properly to give it accurate fitting Extremely easy to install Anti-corrosion finish Flange Amra is also well-known as a quality Flange manufacturer and here is the reason why: Made from alloy steel to give it extra ruggedness. The product is manufactured on computerized machines to provide accurate sizes resulting in noise-free & effortless fitment. Made as per O.E. Specifications so our flange is one of the heaviest & gives it extra life. Aside from all of this Amra international is also a Tuk-tuk parts manufacturer so if you are on the lookout for tuk-tuk parts then do check their website out.